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  • Marshmallow Super Shooter DIY Kit


    Made from PVC pipe, all pipe is cleaned to remove lettering. Includes easy to follow picture instructions and a bag on min marshmallows. Comes in brown bag as shown with label on front. Great for birthdays!

    Decorate anyway you like; Paint, stickers, duct tape, permanent markers etc

  • Marshmallow Super Shooter


    Made from PVC piping, comes fully assembled as shown. Includes removable mouthpiece and 1 bag of mini m marshmallows.

    Our color choices are: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow

    You can choose a combination of two colors and/or solid colors.

    Combo example would be color 1 blue/color 2 green. Solid example would be color 1 blue/color 1 blue.