Marshmallow Straight Shooter

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Made from PVC piping, comes fully assembled as shown. Includes removable mouthpiece and 1 bag of mini m marshmallows.

Our color choices are: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow

You can choose a combination of two colors and/or solid colors.

Combo example would be color 1 blue/color 2 green. Solid example would be color 1 blue/color 1 blue.

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Shooters are not glued together. They are put together tightly and then spray painted. Great for boys and girls and adults too. These include a snack bag of mini marshmallows.

Measures about 11W x 4.5 H

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 13 × 6.75 × 5 in

7 reviews for Marshmallow Straight Shooter

  1. Tiffany

    These are so nice and they shipping was amazing!! I ordered on a Sunday and it was shipped on Monday. I needed them by Wednesday and never thought they would make it since I ordered late. They did and they look great!! My kids are going to love these!

  2. Lauryi

    Exactly like the picture and description. Bought for stocking stuffers for granddaughters ages 18, 10, 5 and they had such fun! DIL commented “why don’t we all have these?” so they were a hit.

  3. Catherine

    Absolutely loved the marshmallow shooters! My boys have a blast playing with them. Each one is a different color and each shooter came with a baggie of mallows. Arrived very fast and owner was quick to respond with my questions. 😃

  4. Kristy

    And the fun has begun. My daughter and I teamed up to attack dad. Lol. He grabbed his gun and the war stayed in our house. The dog and the cats we’re running everywhere chasing the marshmallows as well as eating them. Couches moved, barricades up. War lasted a good 20-30 minutes until tired out and dinner time. Thanks for the fun.

  5. Paulette

    I purchased 2 of the Marshmallo shooters… they are perfect!! my Husband and I turned into kids again running around the yard shooting each other.. We had a blast!! the Grand kids will have so much fun!!

  6. Deborah

    Can’t wait for the marshmallow war to begin. The colors are bright and it came quickly!

  7. Rebecca

    Loved them! Great price. Bought for homebound senior who was recuperating from sugery to liven up his day. It worked:)

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