Quarter Holder

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Made from marine vinyl, holds one quarter

Measures 1 1/4 wide 2 tall (includes the key ring and chain.


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Weight 1 oz

1 review for Quarter Holder

  1. Ashley Giblin (verified owner)

    The quarter holder is very well made. It is durable and soft. I love the embroidery on the front. As a mom of 3 boys I am constantly on the go. My keys are thrown in my purse or tucked in my hoodie pocket all the time. The constant pulling to remove my keys from where they are stored has little to no wear or tear on the quarter holder. The only thing I don’t like is the snap, this is my personal opinion. My youngest likes to play with my keys, especially when I’m shopping, and he discovered the snap that holds the quarter holder to the ring. Because of the snap I have to remove the quarter holder from my keys before he plays with them so that it doesn’t accidentally get detached and lost while I shop. Other than the snap I love the quarter holder. I have had it for sometime now and it has held up very well. I have not seen any signs of wear or tear. The snap is still holding strong even after many many times of being snapped and unsnapped. The quarter does not move around in the holder nor does it slide out of the holder. The quarter secure in the pocket. I would highly recommend this product (and have to several people already). My oldest son leaves for College this fall and I think he might be taking my quarter holder with him. If he does I will be ordering myself another.

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